Register Interest


To register an interest we need some information about you or your practice and your requirements. This information allows us to match your requirements with our current and future opportunities.

This information is gathered by filling out one of our forms.

Please choose the appropriate form which will ask for the information we need to register your requirements:

These forms are in Microsoft Word .Doc format. If you are just starting to consider acquisition, we will be happy to provide the information you need to progress matters, eg the general price for goodwill, an outline plan of action and timetable, how to obtain the funding you may require, etc.

Once you begin your acquisition negotiations, we will be on hand throughout to provide any further advice and assistance you may require.

To ensure that you are kept fully informed of sales within your target criteria you need to register your acquisition interest with us. We do not charge for registration, nor do we ask for exclusivity from acquirers.


If you are not sure which form you need to complete, or wish to discuss the content of the forms, please contact us.

1. Acquirer not yet trading as a firm of accountants Mergers Form
2. Acquirer currently trading Mergers Form
3. Sale of Practice Mergers Form
4. Mergers Mergers Form

To download the form to your hard drive....
Right-click on the download logo and select save target as... from the pop up menu.
Left-clicking on the logo will open the form in your browser.

Once these forms have been downloaded they can be filled in electronically and returned by E-Mail to Vivian Sram Ltd.