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Merger is something that almost everyone has considered at some stage. If you would like information about the criteria which commonly inspire a merger and whether these apply to your business and could prove beneficial to it, please contact us for an informal, confidential, discussion about your own practice.

One of the main ways to ensure that merger talks are successful is to ensure there is a solid foundation on which to base them. By using our services to source firms which have reciprocating requirements, we hope to ensure that by the time you meet a potential merger party most of your tangible requirements will have been satisfied. This objective approach should ensure that your initial meeting can be used to match the more subjective criteria of culture and partner personalities as the synergy of material issues has already been addressed. Thus the foundation for constructive merger talks are in place.

Good mergers complete when all parties benefit from the deal and where the short, medium and long term stability of the merger has been addressed and catered for in the merger agreement. We endeavour to ensure that this is the case.

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