Priority Listing

Interactive Priority Listing
  1. VSL will make no charge for placing an advertisement written by you, or on your behalf, on the "Acquisition" section of our website. (Your anonymity will be protected and nothing that could identify your firm will be revealed).
  2. Potential sellers will be able to search the Acquirers' sections of our website (using certain criteria) seeking a suitable Acquirer for their practice.
  3. VSL to retain all editorial rights. We will happily assist with the advertisement where requested. Where amendments are necessary, we will agree them with you prior to publishing the advertisement.
  4. Any interest generated from that specific advertisement will be submitted to you effectively (with the consent of the Vendor) offering you a period of exclusivity to negotiate with that particular Vendor.
  5. Should a practice introduced to you through a specific advertisement result in a deal, VSL's normal terms of business and fee rates will apply.
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