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The following sales are listed in date order, from the most recent at the top of the page to the oldest at the bottom.
The list does not include all of those sales on which we are currently working as a number cannot be included for reasons of confidentiality, etc.
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MC4779 £720,000 West Glasgow/ Renfrewshire
LN12020 £355,000 M4 Corridor
MC4090 £480,000 Humberside (N)
MC572 £104,000 Wirral
MC4249 £315,000 Wirral
LN11860 £560,000 Greater Bristol
MC4720 £770,000 North Ayrshire
LN11942 £110,000 Brighton & Hove area
MC2428 £750,000 Humberside
MC4754 £60,000 North Lancs/South Cumbria
MC4652 £287,000 Central Leicestershire
MC4730 £311,000 Central/South Birmingham
LN12010 £350,000 South Coast
LN12008 £155,000 Medway
LN12021 £470,000 Greater Bristol
MC4729 £200,000 South Leicestershire
MC4721 £320,000 North West Birmingham
LN6343 £500,000 N E Somerset/Wiltshire
MC3662 £147,000 South Yorkshire
LN10270 £950,000 North Gloucestershire
MC396 £350,000 South West Manchester
MC4489 £173,000 North Derbyshire
LN10249 £370,000 West Sussex
MC2109 £900,000 South Manchester
LN9900 £160,000 West Hertfordshire
LN11973 £510,000 West Sussex
MC1210 £600,000 West Yorkshire
LN11962 £200,000 Borough of Richmond Upon Thame
LN11882 £125,000 M5/M4/M32 area
LN11741 £116,000 Central Essex
MC4557 £77,000 Chester/Cheshire
LN6397 £200,000 M11/M25 Corridor
MC4703 £320,000 Cheshire
MC4414 £520,000 Tyneside
LN10402 £316,000 Devon
LN10923 £170,000 M5 Corridor
LN11752 £75,000 South West Cornwall
MC251 £400,000 West Manchester
MC3569 £118,000 North Staffordshire
MC4316 £330,000 Greater Manchester
LN6705 £310,000 North Central Cornwall
LN11541 £270,000 South East Cornwall
LN11522 £425,000 Greater Bristol
LN9295 £475,000 West Wilts/N E Somerset
LN10904 £200,000 Central Gloucestershire
LN11417 £35,000 Devon
LN10822 £487,000 Gloucestershire
MC4336 £105,000 Rural East Scottish Borders
LN9687 £400,000 Gwent
MC4335 £740,000 Lancashire
MC2383 £1,000,000 Perthshire
LN10878 £200,000 South Dorset
MC1139 £590,000 Central Lancashire
MC3986 £125,000 West Coast - Highland Region
LN6529 £200,000 Dorset